How is the Word Welcome Said in Various languages?

If a foreign friend accepted the invitation to stay with you, prepare properly for their arrival. What should you do? First of all, learn welcome phrases in the person’s native language: familiar greetings will help a weary and jet-lagged traveler feel at home. You can find translations without comment here or read the article. Simple… Read more »

How to Say Black in Various Languages

The word ‘black’ is just begging to become the surname of a literary character. Unfortunately, the idea of using it in such a way isn’t new. Why copy Stephenie Meyer and Joanne Rowling? Think up your own proper noun based on a foreign adjective with the same meaning. Lists of ones are set out below…. Read more »

20 Ways to Say Beautiful Using Foreign Languages

If there’s one phrase a guy should say to his babe every day, it’s definitely ‘you’re beautiful’. Getting the simple compliment, girls feel appreciated. But frequent use may make it routine and inexpressive… Surprise your sweetheart – admire her loveliness in foreign languages! ‘Beautiful’ in non-English speaking countries The pronunciation of these adjectives are understandable… Read more »

How to Say I Love You in Different Languages?

Have you ever wanted to tell about love without saying predictable three words? Express the feeling in a creative way and broad your linguistic horizons at the same time! ‘I Love You’ in the World’s Most Beautiful Languages Let’s begin with some pretty well-known L-phrases. There are three places of great passions – France, Spain,… Read more »

The Word Wolf in Different European Languages

Wolf is a common motif both in old fairy tales and modern fantasy stories. The image is complicated. On the one hand, the obvious attribute of the animal is its nature of a cruel, evil predator (do you remember ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ or ‘The Three Little Pigs’?). On the other hand, we’re all familiar… Read more »

The Scariest Word – Death – in Many Languages

Death… The topic is equally grim and intriguing. We know, that all things must pass, but it’s so difficult to accept the fact! People who lived in far countries a long time ago had the same feeling. No wonder remarkable creativity surrounds the vocabulary of the notion. How to say and write it in… Old… Read more »

Thank You in Popular Languages for Tavellers and the Other Curious People

Communication in countries where English is not widely spoken are really challenging. During the week before your trip, you’ll hardly learn hundreds of phrases which are necessary to have interesting dialogues with foreigners. Try to remember several basic words. Well, memorize at least the most important word enabling a traveler to be polite. If you… Read more »

Surprise your friend: Happy Birthday in 15 Languages

Whether you have an acquaintance from another country or are looking for unique nice words to English-speaking mate, these tips will definitely come in handy. We are going to teach you to say ‘happy birthday’ in the most popular and beautiful languages. If you also want to know, how the name of the day is… Read more »

How to Say Friend around the World?

True friendship keeps the old world going. What would we do without the wonderful people supporting us and changing our lives to the better every day? Impress them. Here is a list of the foreign word you can use speaking to a good mate (and there are more variants here). The translations are divided into… Read more »